Voiceover Demos

Listen to Chris DiCroce’s voiceover demos which feature his personable, conversational voice as well as his unique character voices!

Below, you’ll find commercial reads, public service announcements, manifestos, corporate reads, medical narrations, and more to show you the versatility of Chris’s voice acting range, tone, and style.

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Listen to Chris DiCroce's voiceover demos and voice acting demos


Explore Chris’s unique voice in these demos covering industries such as technology, food and beverage, and healthcare. His engaging and conversational tones perfectly suit commercials and brand advertisements.


From documentaries to museum audio tours to narrated resources for people who are visually impaired, Chris’s narration voice brings stories to life with warmth, depth, and authenticity. His articulate delivery and engaging tone make him an ideal choice for projects requiring a captivating narrator.


Whether it’s an internal training video, an executive presentation, or a brand’s mission statement, Chris’ tone aligns perfectly with the business landscape, providing the assurance and clarity that corporate clients seek.