It’s always a bit unnerving when moments of excitement get a little ahead of themselves and morph into mild anxiety. When the sense of accomplishment bumps gently against the creative uncertainty you can’t seem to outrun (no matter how far you run).

After working for several months on a project, I put down the pen (or close the laptop) and begin to postulate about how it will be received. I get anxious and wonder if anyone will buy it.

I feel an immense sense of accomplishment. Where there was once nothing, there is now a collection of stories, characters, and lives.

I love the process. I love finishing the early drafts and dialing in the rewrites. I love being awakened at three in the morning by a line of dialogue that I’ve been chasing.

I love seeing the cover come to life. I love the energy that crackles the day of the launch. This day. And because you are part of my tribe, I get to share this launch day energy with you!

Here it is, The Quiet Goings On.

This collection of poems and character-driven stories was written during five months I spent in Baja, when the world shut down.

I feel this is some of my strongest writing to date.

And because of that, I have a dream of reaching 5,000 people with this book. Which is crazy as an independent publisher… but with your help, I’d love to try.

It’s available now for presale on Kindle. (Click here to order)

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the Kindle app for free, and you’ll receive your download automatically on June 16th.

Paperbacks will be available for order on June 16th and they look awesome! (I’ll send a reminder for those of you like me who love to hold a real book.)

We’ve had a few advance reviewers give their thoughts and so far, we’re encouraged.

Here’s a taste of what the legendary columnist Fred Grimm from the Miami Herald had to say:
“Some fine work. I’ve read pieces in New Yorker lately that weren’t nearly as compelling. The story Quarantine and the poems Rivers and Different Now give The Quiet Goings On a real and lasting topicality.”

I’ve never published my short stories or my poetry before. But I’m doing it now in the interest of challenging myself and emerging on the other side of this Great Pause different from how I went into it.

Being an independent artist for the last thirty years has been an incredible experience. I’ve had the opportunity to create exactly what I wanted and continue to do so. I get to interact with my readers on an intimate level, one on one.

It’s also challenging. I have to rely heavily on my tribe for support.

I have high hopes for this collection. Our goal is a lofty one and that’s okay. With your help, I’ll hit the mark. (Pre-order on Amazon here)

Tin Finch Press may not have deep pockets, but we’ve got big hearts. I’m proud of this work and I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks again. I appreciate your support.