The Fray


Songs from before

1. California
2. Lucky and Beautiful
3. Hit and Run
4. Open Spaces
5. Last Letter


american dream

1. Mama’s Iron Hand
2. I’ll Be a Man For You
3. Watch It Burn
4. StoneCutter’s Heart
5. American Dream
6. St. Thomas Moore (don’t give up the ship)
7. Too Far For Me
8. Letting Go
9. Every Single Day


Brand New Fool

1. Runaway Friend
2. A Little Rain
3. Shakespeare’s Picasso
4. Cold Hard Truth
5. This Time (Bittersweet)
6. Only Want To Talk To You
7. Heroes
8. Gravel or Gold
9. After All
10. Running Blind


What People are saying

Performing Songwriter Magazine

“Sad, beautiful and genuinely accomplished”

“I was truly impressed by the songwriting. Someone once said that the best songs are the ones that are simple in concept but difficult to tie down. Chris’s songs exemplify that. They are the roots of music, but float and take on a life of their own. American Dream is truly his best effort… This album may be one of the 10 best I have ever bought, by anyone.”

“I just got to see Chris and the band here at Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia, they rocked and were cool enough to come here for us.”

“The songs have a beautiful soul that makes it feel as though Chris singing just to you. “


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