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The Quiet Goings On

The Quiet Goings On is a collection of poems and short stories that take place in the small wrinkles between big events.

These are stories about wanderers and survivors. Stories grown from the dirt of hardship and pain, with a sliver of triumph; even if it’s well-hidden and requires some digging.

“Some fine work. I’ve read pieces in New Yorker lately that weren’t nearly as compelling.” -Fred Grimm, Miami Herald / Sun Sentinel

“So well written that I could not run away.” -Reviewer

“…it touched me and I will be a bit haunted by it for a while.” -Reviewer


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You Gotta Go To Know

Memoir / Sailing

What’s Up Ditch!

Reference / Sailing

Burning Man

Action Adventure

The Quiet Goings On

Short Stories & Poems

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What People are saying

“Chris DiCroce writes books the same way he composes and sings, from the soul… DiCroce does not pretend to be a hero… he is just a traveler or maybe a troubadour, living in the moment and leaving a gentle wake.” -John Kretschmer, Bestselling Author

“I consumed this book on a round-trip flight from Los Angeles to Denver and back (roughly 3 hrs). Burning Man reads like a great song: it hooks you from the beginning, moves at an exciting pace, changes and hits at the right time(s), and stays true to its theme no matter where it goes. DiCroce also has a flare for the visual, and does a great job of transporting the reader into the story. Believe me, it’s worth the ride.”
Amazon Reader

“Chris DiCroce has penned a story which ranges from side-splitting humor to edge-of-the-seat intensity. The characters are believable, their dialog natural and witty, and the increasingly amazing and unexpected situations they find themselves in are made all the more memorable by the author’s keen ability to earn the reader’s trust. Throughout the narrative, he uses brilliant metaphors to paint vivid images in the reader’s mind.”
Amazon Reader

“The way Chris DiCroce uses imagery allows the reader to seemingly watch a movie of this fast building plot while reading. I just could see every detail. While fictional, it seemed so real! Lastly, the overall theme of the integrity of keeping one’s word to a friend finishes this off as one of the best reads ever. I want to read whatever DiCroce writes next!!!”
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